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The Secret Book Pdf Free Fixed Download In Telugu

The Secret Book Pdf Free Download In Telugu
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This book tells of an ancient secret that our ancestors guarded and desired, and which was passed down from generation to generation. Read the book and start using this power for the benefit of your people...
Henry David Thoreau
Mind is God and instincts are worms
Chapter 1
Everything in the world is energy. And although we don't realize it, everything is inextricably linked, and energy flows naturally into all things.
This is how the world works, and this also needs to be accepted and understood. If you do not accept this fact, it is impossible to live intelligently. When you realize that everything in nature is interconnected, you begin to understand that sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't, which causes misfortune and disease. Of course, we can agree that this is physical, material energy, but we also know that it can be ennobled by human thought.
According to Pavlov's theory, the chemical composition of food and its vibrational fluctuations in a certain way affect the state of the brain, especially its ability to think, which affects innate instincts. And this influence can be found when you try to understand why you have certain feelings or have overwhelming desires, or have an overwhelming desire to act.
When we understand that our instincts are connected with energy, that they are inseparable from the life force that unites everything in the world, then we can accept this and be reasonable.
People usually say that instincts are beyond their control and that they are just "machines". How can this be if they, according to their own statement, cannot control the machine if it is controlled by a person?
There is a fundamental difference between our life and the life of animals. We can manage our lives in harmony with natural life. Animals don't have this harmony because they don't think. People allow themselves to be unreasonable, and, of course, this inevitably leads to illness, problems, death.
There is nothing in nature that could be called "bread", devoid of any energy component, which would be the person himself. Man has a soul, body and mind. And did the Lord put life not in His Divine essence, but in each of His tools?
Christians should be familiar with the teaching of St. Paul, in which he says that every person has an incarnate soul, and that soul is immortal. The bible says: I have been given a thorn in the flesh f02ee7bd2b